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Above the Clouds

"Life has the meaning we give to ourself "


Get help with anxiety, phobias, depression, low self-esteem, addiction, etc, Forget about long resource demanding therapy.

My sessions are online - and Worldwide.


Find in to the subconscious mind and get rid of the programs you have built up through life. Many people have a belief it cannot be cured because there is no pill, medical science only works with physical symptoms, and therefore many are helpless as they have been told they have to live with it.


You have the option to book a single session, I also offer packages.


Hypnosis, is a way of bypassing the critical mind so that one can get down to the subconscious where all the answers lie.

95% of our brain is used by our subconscious, so we do things daily on autopilot without thinking about it, because it's something we've learned. And once it is learned it is kept and stored.


My name is Monnieh I am a trained Coach and Hypnotherapist. I work with people's beliefs, finding the rootcause, and then give them some new and better beliefs.



  • Weight loss

  • Depression

  • Smoking

  • Addictions (Substances, games, co-dependence, shopping)

  • Alcohol

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Phobia

  • Childlessness

  • PTSD / Trauma


  • OCD

  • Anorexia

  • Perfomance arts

  • Sleep

  • Auto immune diseases

  • Chronic pain

  • Mental well-being

  • Relationships

  • Narcissism (victim)

  • Toxic relationship

  • Diseases with and without diagnoses

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Etc.



I am completely in shock as how effective this has been!

I thought hypnosis was something for magicians, but have gotten wiser and got so amazed an eternal return of anxiety problem in terms of wanting myself the good in life that kept me locked in to an eternal anxiety.

After 21 days of intense listening to a tailor-made hypnosis for me, my mind is completely different and I see all the positive things in life. There is a HUGE world of difference between the way i was before and after the session.

I have actually become so fond of my personal hypnosis that I continue to play it for myself, every day.

When the mind sees the joy of life, the little things in everyday life, the mind develops to attract further positive experiences. I have gained self-love in a record of time and let go of the fear of daring life.


I have several inappropriate thought patterns that I have spent many years processing, and know how hard and time consuming it usually is when I use conversation therapy.

My experience with Monnieh has been absolutely amazingly different.

I wanted to work on my very compulsive fitness addiction, which has developed and appealed deep inside me since I was a teenager.

My compulsive behavior was reinforced by very destructive thoughts, which were often about me not deserving to live unless I deserved to live the days I had trained.

And if I had a period where I was not able to train, I was in these thoughts most of the time, which made me completely paralyzed.

Monnieh was quick to see through my situation, and went in depth in an energetic way, and was incredibly reassuring as I could easily trust her skill as I got to know things throughout, in a really affirming and encouraging way.

After 21 days of hearing what she was recording to me, it was quite clear that I no longer had these obsessions.

The thoughts around my body have changed completely where I have started to see my needs from a whole different angle


It's a great gift

An opportunity I recommend to all who need it.


My biggest recommendation goes to Monnieh.

So heartwarming and still sharp and direct.

She quickly sees through where you are sabotaging yourself in your life.

I have never experienced so much development as I have gone through the last 5 weeks, where I have listened every day to the recording Monnieh has made especially for me.


And it is not only myself who sees and feels my transformation - so do people from the outside.

All the wise and wise things I have HEARD for a really long time, I now feel that I UNDERSTAND and feel deep inside myself. I have realized my own worth and dare to put myself first. I stand stronger in myself than ever before and have the deepest confidence that I am making all my wildest dreams come true, for I have the courage and take action on it every day.

I have let go of so much doubt and fear on a very deep level that I can hardly remember being like that once. It is the wildest experience and probably a little difficult to understand before you have tried it yourself.


Therefore, I can only recommend you to work with Monnieh if you are tired of getting stuck in old patterns and are ready for a life of freedom to do what you truly dream of. I will forever be grateful for what Monnieh has done for me, for it has been the greatest gift.


Can definitely recommend a session, with Monnieh.


She quickly points to your problem, and guides from there.


You may think you are messing with one issue, but Monnieh quickly sees through if there is something else behind it.


You have the experience of being listened to and taken seriously, and you get something useful that you can actively use in your further development


RTT made me see a connection in my blockages from before I was born and until today.


And by hearing the sentences and speaking everyday several times a day, made me put the most important blockages to the side and not focus on them anymore.


I can definitely recommend Monnieh and her treatment and way of meeting her clients. I felt seen and heard and taken good care of.


So my experience was clearly positive and I felt like we connected right away. I felt seen and heard and taken good care of. I can warmly recommend it to others.


I had a session with Monnieh who started with a conversation about what I would like to get from hypnotherapy I was also asked about situations from childhood, teenage life and adult life.


Monnieh was sharp to get to the core of my challenges and we had a nice talk about it. I got a kind of guided meditation under hypnosis which she subsequently sent to me on file after the session.


I had to listen to it every day for 21 days and then have a follow-up conversation.


At the follow up conversation I started by saying that I did not feel that anything has changed, but Monnieh started asking about the things I had told about at our first conversation and it actually turned out that things HAS changed - completely without me having noticed it because it had happened so quietly and naturally?


I can only recommend Monnieh. She is  incredibly pleasant to talk to, present and listening. It is a treatment you should give yourself!



Your mind listens to everything you say to yourself, and takes everything literally, it knows no difference between right or wrong.



Your mind's job is to keep you alive and make sure you're not in danger, so think about what you're saying.



That your mind always does what it thinks you want it to do.




We form our consciousness when we are between 7-9 years old. so everything we learn during that time is stored in our subconscious, and acts like a program to help us in our adult lives. The patterns and actions that we do through our daily life happens on autopilot because it is a learned program that we navigate by in our daily life, the programs were fine when we were children, but hardly as appropriate now that we have grown up as adults-

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