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"Life has the meaning we give to ourself "



Marisa Peer is the founder of Rapid Transformation

RTT Teraphy is a completely new and outstanding form of therapy it has taken the world by storm.

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Marisa Peer is the founder of Rapid Transformation Teraphy RTT
it is a brand new and outstanding form of therapy that has taken the world by storm.

It is fast and very effective and within the last year it has won several awards and here among 5 golden Stevie awards because it is so extra ordinary and has been well received worldwide also in the medical world.

RTT is much more than a normal hypno therapy and it is a therapy form that can stand alone with absolutely amazing and exceptional results.

So what can RTT do?

  • combine the best hypnotherapy with unique methods that provide a lasting change

  • break bad habits

  • achieve exceptional results in sports

  • become more successful in your career

  • become more successful in performing arts

  • increase focus and motivation

  • get rid of anxiety and phobias

  • get rid of depression, and low self-esteem

  • get amazing lasting weight loss

  • break out of toxic relationships

  • infertility

  • eating disorders

  • ptsd / cptsd, bipolar

  • Etc.


RTT works with the subconscious, mind which is an extra ordinary resource that stores all the experiences we have had through life.

These experiences have shaped our beliefs and how we view life in general, this has an impact on why we react to certain things in particular.

The subconscious is the one that gives us inspiration and brilliant ideas.

So why is our subconscious then, not part of our daily consciousness?

Early in life we ​​learn how to navigate life with our consciousness, however, change directed at the conscious mind is limited.
Willpower cannot stand alone in breaking bad habits, or anxiety. For an instance We take it upon ourselves to make the same New Year's resolutions year after year, and to change this we need more than willpower or logic.

We need to access the subconscious. RTT solves this quickly and easily, with hypnosis we reach the subconscious, and please be informed hypnosis does not take over your brain, it is a natural state that we are used to being in on our everyday life, it can be compared to when your are daydreaming, or is busy watching a movie. During hypnosis, you are so busy that you do not worry about anything else.
This increased state of focus gives your mind more control, not less.

The critical speaking mind is bypassed. We gain access to beliefs that have been shaped many years ago, so that your subconscious becomes receptive to change. RTT changes perceptions and thoughts on the unconscious level.
Positive suggestions are planted like little seeds in the subconscious, and new beliefs can now take root and grow. All this in just one session, yes you really read only 1 session, and no more than 3.

RTT is designed to create a fast solution and permanent results.

RTT uses a language that kickstarts the imagination, and the words are tailored exactly to you, your personal recording it is essential, and you must listen to it for 21 days the recording establishes paths or connections between neurons, as the new pathways are strengthened, the new behavior is implemented , you do not feel bad self-esteem anymore and do not doubt yourself either.

Forget about long therapy sessions that continue indefinitely, with very little effect, none of us have time for that, with Rapid Transformational Therapy you can quickly and easily break free from what weighs on you, you can just let go, so in short RTT can help you change habits such as of getting a healthier body, removing stress, anxiety and nervousness. Give your best, say goodbye to discouragement and guilt.

Take a step into your brilliant future, with extra ordinary hypnotherapy and excellent results.



"That, when in truth one must succeed in leading a man to a certain place, one must first and foremost take care to find him where he is and begin there."

Ole Soren Kirkegaard

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