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Hypnosis is a natural state that we are all in on a daily basis.

Many people have a belief that they cannot be hypnotized and that is not correct. Hypnosis is as natural to man as breathing!


Many people have a belief that they cannot be hypnotized and that is not correct. Hypnosis is as natural to man as breathing!

We are daily in hypnosis, and can be described as when we drive a car, and all of a sudden we can not remember where we are, this is a state where we are in the subconscious, and consciousness and subconscious do not work together the conscious, mind does not know what the subconscious is doing.

The subconscious can best be explained by a giant hard drive where we store all our experiences, everything we experience we store.

Even though we may not remember it, it is still stored and the subconscious mind controls our thoughts and actions.

Hypnosis is a tool to reach into the subconscious so we can get an insight into why we act and act the way we do!

Experiences and feelings that are not normally available to us, we get the opportunity in hypnosis to access it, and gain an understanding.

Once we have the understanding, we can reprogram and delete the data that is no longer appropriate. The data we have in the subconscious are the ones that shape our beliefs in our daily lives, negative thoughts and patterns that we have experienced in the past, and we use that data to protect ourselves even though they are not time equivalent and totally useless.

Our thoughts and worries come from experiences we have been through, and we only have the programs in the subconscious that we have learned, and the good news is we can easily teach the subconscious some new and better beliefs.

Hypnosis is scientifically proven, and a lot of research has been done in the field, where people under hypnosis experienced that their pain completely or partially disappeared after they had been in hypnosis.

This is not so strange, because pain is something the brain sends out when something is wrong, and just as it can send out pain, it can also tone it down or eliminate it completely.


The reason we get pain is that we need to be aware that something is wrong.

Medical science can only help if they can see the physical symptoms in our body, and if there are no physical symptoms - then we will be told that we have to live with it!

Our subconscious has the answer to why we have pain, anxiety, depression, addiction etc.

I've tried hypnosis before but it did not work?

There is a difference in how people react to hypnosis, I am trained with the David Elmann method, which thoroughly tests which type of induction works best on the individual.


There is a big difference in how we think, and hypnosis in all its simplicity about sneaking past the conscious mind  without discovering it.


It can be compared to getting past a firewall, once you are inside there is free access so that we can access and work with your subconscious!

There are 7 stages of hypnosis and it does not matter what stage you are in, there is a difference between having to work with a smoking addiction or a severe depression therefore it is also very important to know the 7 stages to get it desired result.



"It is so easy to step into the Dance of Lust; but when it is further along, and it is Lust that dances with Man against his will: it is a heavy Dance!"

Ole Soren Kirkegaard

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